The American Revolution for Kids and Teachers - The Boston Massacre, Repeal of all Townshend Acts except the Tea Tax Illustration

Road to Revolution for Kids
1770 - The Boston
Repeal of all Townshend Acts
except the Tea Tax

By 1770, although some colonists were still loyal to the crown, many others were upset about the taxes and the troops and the disregard the British Parliament had shown for the needs of the American colonists. Jobs were lost. British troops were arrogant. And monies were tight. Taxation without representation was the cry heard everywhere. Tension was growing.

Fights often broke out between the British soldiers and the colonists. On March 5, 1770, a group of sailors threw snowballs and sticks at a group of British soldiers. And things got crazy. A club was thrown. The British felt threatened. They fired into the crown. When it was over, five men were dead, including Crispus Attucks. He was the first man to die in what would soon become the Revolutionary War. This incident was called the Boston Massacre.

The British officers involved were arrested for murder. The officers pleaded self-defense, and the jury agreed.

After the Boston Massacre, British Parliament repealed all taxes except the one on tea.

The colonists heaved a sign of relief. Most merchants lifted their ban on British goods. But colonial leaders were still unhappy with the way the British were treating the colonists. They did not believe that British Parliament had the colonists best interests at heart.

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