The American Revolution for Kids - Intolerable Acts, First Continental Congress, Boycott, Militia & the Minutemen Illustration

Road to Revolution for Kids - The Intolerable Acts

For Kids: When something becomes intolerable that means it is so bad you will no longer put up with it and you will put a stop to it.

The Intolerable Acts: In response to the Boston Tea Party, Parliament refused an offer from some colonial leaders to pay for the tea that had been dumped into Boston Harbor. Instead, Parliament passed a group of new harsh laws to punish the Massachusetts colony. These laws were so harsh the colonists called them the Intolerable Acts.

  • One law allowed Britain to house troops whenever and wherever they wanted.

  • One law closed Boston harbor for all trade until the tea dumped overboard was paid for in full.

  • One law banned the Committees of Correspondence.

In response, other colonies sent supplies to Boston. And the Committees of Correspondence called a meeting of all colonies to decide what to do about the problems with Britain.

The First Continental Congress Meets. Representatives from all colonies except Georgia met in Philadelphia. They voted to stop all trade with Britain until the Intolerable Acts were repealed. Georgia did not attend because they were having an Indian uprising to handle.

Parliament's response: When Parliament heard about the boycott, instead of repealing the Intolerable Acts, they passed more laws adding more limits on colonial trade. They also sent more British soldiers to the colonies.

Militia & Minutemen: In response to the colonists formed militias, groups of armed men. Colonial towns also created bands of Minutemen - men who could be ready to fight at a minute's notice to assist the militia.

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