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The American

Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, Project Ideas, Presentations

Mr Donn's American Revolution Unit (13 lessons)

Colonial American Revolution unit

Renegades, Rebels, and Revolutionaries (Unit)

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Revere Redcoats and Revolution (Unit)

Give Me Liberty

Times That Try Men's Souls

The American Revolution and Its Heroes

The American Revolution (several)

Justice, Fairness, Equity (several literature, revolutionary war, freedom documents, 5th grade)

The American War for Independence

War of Independence (unit)

American Revolution

Revolutionary Perspectives Unit & Support Materials

Choosing Sides: The Native Americans' Role in the American Revolution

American Revolution Newspaper (lesson)

American Revolution War Timeline (lesson)

Protest Songs

Hedgehog's Homework - Vocabulary

Hedge's Homework - Matching

PROJECT IDEAS, CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: American Revolution Project ideas, Simulations, Classroom Activities

INTERACTIVE QUIZ: It's Revolutionary, interactive, with answers

Boston Massacre

Famous Trials: The Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre - 2 days (84 minutes each)

Boston Tea Party

Trouble in Boston - Lesson Plan, Background, Handouts

Boston Tea Party - Tensions Increase (lesson plan)

Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker Hill


American Revolution Cartoon Book (reproducible)

Comic Creator (interactive, use the comic creator to create your own revolutionary war comic)

Committees of Correspondence

How do you get people to join your cause? (lesson plan)

Common Sense, By Thomas Paine

Common Sense: The Rhetoric of Popular Democracy (lesson plan)

Continental Congress

Continental Congress lesson plans

Daily Life

Daily Life during the Revolution (lesson plan)

Declaration of Independence and Other Freedom Documents

Declaration of Independence (mrdonn lesson plan)

Declaration of Independence (more lesson plans)

Articles of Confederation

Constitution of the United States

Take the Quiz, interactive, with answers

Famous Folks

Heroes of the American Revolution (lesson plan)

Minority Heroes (lesson plan)

John Adams for Teachers

Benedict Arnold for Teachers

Benjamin Franklin for Teachers

George Washington for Teachers

Lexington & Concord

Fighting the War - Lexington & Concord (lesson plan)


Fighting the War, British Strategy - Battle of Saratoga (lesson plan)

The Battles of Saratoga

Spies, Ciphers, Codes

Lesson Plan: Spies - A Sneaky Business (background information, game)

Lesson Plan: Revolutionary War Spy Methods (grade 5)

Treaty of Paris, 1783

How did the colonists win the war? (short lesson)

Valley Forge

Lesson Plans about the happenings at Valley Forge

War in the South

Fighting the War, British Strategy - War in the South (lesson plan)


Yorktown, the beginning of the end (lesson plan)