The American Revolution for Kids - Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott Illustration

Road to Revolution
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

For Kids: The colonists in Massachusetts began storing guns and ammunition in the little town of Concord, located about 20 miles outside of Boston.

The British heard about it. They had spies everywhere. The British sent soldiers to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams, two men who had helped to set up the weapons depot in Concord. They did not catch them, but they surely tried. They also sent troops to destroy the weapon depot.

The British were not the only ones with spies. The colonists were watching the British troops very closely. When they saw the British were on the move, Paul Revere galloped over the countryside, warning colonists that the British were coming.

When Paul Revere reached Lexington, two other riders joined him. The three men were stopped by a British patrol. But two riders got away. William Dawes was tossed from his horse, but still managed to escape. Samuel Prescott, a young doctor, kept his horse and rode to warn the militia in Concord that the British were en route.

The British soldiers were delighted that they had captured the famous Paul Revere. But when the British soldiers heard shots break out, they let Paul Revere go, but kept his horse. They knew they could move faster without a prisoner. All three men made it safely through the night and through the war.

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