The American Revolution for Kids - Sons of Liberty, Boycott Illustration

Road to Revolution for Kids - The Sons of Liberty

For Kids: Boycott: While the colonists waited for an answer to their petition to Parliament, requesting the Stamp Act be repealed, colonial merchants encouraged people to boycott (refuse to buy) English goods.

Secret Societies: Some colonists were not content with mere boycotts. They began to form secret societies to protest British policies. The most famous of these secret societies was the Sons of Liberty.

The Sons of Liberty were people who were fed up with being treated unfairly by the British Government; they were so angry they were willing to break the law, because it was against the law back then to criticize the British government. Their most famous action was the Boston Tea Party.

Some famous members of the Sons of Liberty include Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and John Hancock.

The Stamp Act

Other Famous People of the Revolutionary War