The American Revolution for Kids and Teachers - Famous Women in the American Revolution Illustration

The American Revolution
for Kids

Women in the War

Wars are not just fought by soldiers. To win a country must have the help and participation of all its members. Even in colonial times, women participated in many activities to help win our freedom. To name just a few of the many brave women whose actions helped in the successful outcome of the American Revolutionary War, here are their stories:

Deborah Sampson - they said women couldn't serve

Liberty's Kids - Sybil Ludington (video, animated)

Penelope Barker - the second tea party

Catherine Moore Barry - cuts and traps

Esther Reed - raising money

Martha Bratton - standing up to the British

Lydia Darragh - Quaker, Pacifist, American Spy

Prudence Wright - Guardian of the Bridge

Elizabeth Zane - frontier heroine

Elizabeth Burgin and the Prison Ships

Emily Geiger - American spy

Mary Lindley Murray - helped others to escape

Other Famous People of the Revolutionary War for Kids